Value of 96pt trade gothic metal type set

Hi there,

I was recently robbed of a a tray of type that was given to me as a gift, so I have no idea what its value is, but I’d like to report it to my insurance company. It was a full set of 96 pt Trade Gothic metal type in excellent condition in its original wooden tray. I had made into a coffee table by placing clear glass over the top (see photo attached).

Does anyone have any idea of its value or where I can find out its value? Any help is greatly appreciated, as I am devastated over the loss.

image: tray.jpg


image: typ_tray.jpg


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That’s an awfully heavy thing to steal! It is tough to guess it’s value, but I’d say about a hundred bucks to a printer.

But since you were a using it as a coffee table, maybe the Ikea catalog would be a better reference. ;)

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Let’s be fair, the Ikea price would be $25, and made in China of course!

i just saw your case on the people’s court, that guy looked so guilty, they obviously robbed you. really sorry about your loss, that was a beautiful use of a really nice set.