Miehle 36

Miehle Vertical V36 - continuing problem with automatic trip after succeeding for a short while, the cylinder trip has returned to it’s old problem.
Most of our work is crash numbering – which means every time there is a misfeed, the cylinder turns on impression. Very frustrating. We’ve been struggling with this problem for some time
Have stripped and cleaned the diaphragm, and except the air lines to and from the diaphragm (in case we fractured the diaphragm itself), blown out all the tubes and the gripper bar; including those related to the feeder. The transfer table has just been replaced so we know the airlines on that are clean. As far as I know, the V 36 does not have a hose connection for servicing the air line as does the V50.
We are now in a position where one position of the ‘diaphragm latch spring collar’ does not allow the cylinder to rotate at all, and just one adjustment down (looser) the cylinder rotates continuously. The left transfer table trip lever does not work either per the auto stop suction cyinder although all is clear and clean.
We also have an old copy of the V50 manual, and I’m not sure our current hose connections in the cylinder are correct because the copy is so bad.Changing them around hasn’t made any difference either. Checked for leaks and can find none.
If anyone can help us with advice or has met the same or similar problem and a good copy of the configuration of the cylinder hoses, we would be mightily grateful. Please see my earlier contacts under my name
Sincerely, Paul Watkins

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Hi, Paul—

A couple of thoughts—at either side of the feedboard are rubber or leather gaskets that fit into the parts on the press that support the feedboard that have to seal tightly.

I don’t remember exactly the situation on the V-36, but on the feedboard of the V-50, there are two screw plugs at the ends of the supports aligned with the channel across the feedboard. If these are removed, the feedboard channel can be cleaned with a long wire run through it without disassembly. Pipe cleaners wet with typewash are handy for working down air lines too.

Make sure that the stock, when fed to the guides, seals off all the feedboard holes, or tape over any exposed ones. Make sure all the gripper buttons are turned the same way. I’ve used an aftermarket one-piece gripper to replace the original gripper buttons where the trip holes are, to improve the seal against the holes, with variable success. It seems to me that a lot of times, I just fool around with settings and at some point it’s in the groove.

Sometimes a burr can form on the front edge of the feedboard that hangs up feeding. File it smooth, but be very careful of the front edge—it’s knife-sharp.

How does the press perform on other stock?

The trip on my old V-36 never seemed to work very reliably either. The pump on my machine was new or newer. I wonder if the pistons and cylinders on yours are simply too worn to supply consistent air. It’s possible to run a suction test on the pump. I’ve never done it—talk to the folks at Jack Beall.

I can make and send you a drawing of air connections on the V-50, but I’m not sure they exactly correspond to those on the V-36. It still sounds like an air-line problem to me. Maybe you have a friend with a portable compressor that can blow them out for you. Or if you do foiling and have compressed air for stripping the foil from the die, that’s a possibility.

There’s a fence across the feedboard that holds the paper down as it’s fed. It’s not as good on the V-36 as on the V-50. You could try taping a piece of cardstock or something to it in such a way that it helps the stock seal in the grippers. Also be sure that your feedboard backstops and brushes are getting the stock into the grippers on one hand, but not introducing a buckle on the other.

Good luck, Brian

Very difficult to figure when the machine is not running, perhaps you can run it through a cycle or two by hand. A frustrating thing can be old depleted or new flimsy hoses - collapsing, under suction conditions. Just a thought of something to check. Good luck, I remember it well.

Let us know what it was, when you do fix it.

There is an instruction book for the Miehle V-36 on eBay now with 2 days left in the bidding. The number is:

On my V-50, there are also fiber/cork washers in the gripper bar assembly. They need to make a tight seal into the air lines in the cylinder.

I’ve also had good luck taping out some of the holes on the feeder board. On the guard that covers the sheet on the feeder board I’ve made loops out of scotch tape and attached them to the underside of the guard to help seat the sheet to the feeder board - but make sure you cover the adhesive with other pieces of tape.

Hi Paul
You’re not alone ;-)
Nearly a full year after getting our old V36 through the door (by a scrape), my trusty electrician has managed to replace and repair the starter box, rewire the leads and so forth so that I can actually see if the press feeds!

Turns out I’m having exactly the same symptoms you describe:

“We are now in a position where one position of the ‘diaphragm latch spring collar’ does not allow the cylinder to rotate at all, and just one adjustment down (looser) the cylinder rotates continuously. “

Just figured out the ‘spring collar’ last night in fact…
With just those results.
I am suspicious about the actual mechanism of the trip latch (connected to the diaphragm) being sticky or something, as it doesn’t seem as free to move as it might…

Will be watching this thread for more hints!


I took the whole thing apart to clean the shaft and trip latch lever. That took care of the problem pretty well ;-)

Five part video starts here :


These are short clips showing the disassembly, reassembly, and calibration of the cylinder trip mechanism.