r hoe and company hand press

I have recently aquired a “washington style” hand press. Stamped on the press is”R. Hoe & Co. No. 6312”. I was wondering if anyone could give me any information/specs on this press. I’m particulary interested in it’s total weight. I’m going to have many other questions regarding it’s operation but right now I’m just planning on the move of the press. Thanks in advance for any info.

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Hello Michael,
Congratulations on the press. Does it have the tympan and frisket? Some photos and measurements would probably be more useful than the serial number to determine the weight.

I would suggest the Lewis Allen handpress book, the Rummonds book Printing on the Iron Handpress, and also his 19th century printing practices if you funds are not already depleted…

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY


Thanks for your comments. I will try to post some pics. I don’t think it has the “tympan and frisket”(I don’t know what this is). It has the chase that holds the type but does not have the piece that attaches to it. Does this make sense? Thanks again!


If you have the platen or bed size for the press some old type catalogs show these presses and give you the shipping weights. I found one press ranging from approx 1600 pounds to 2900 pounds depending on size.

If you get the size< I may be able to help.


I have the same type press in my home — it was my Dad’s — but it is marked “New York - London” and has the number 6009. We had a heck of a time moving it, and I don’t know its actual weight, but my brother, a cousin and I managed to “weight shift” it from a loading dock into a U-Haul. The 4 guys from the local movers who unloaded it in Vermont said to never call them to touch it again, and said that my mother had to be lying that we had loaded it! It has a lot of sentimental value, but no one in the family is a printer, so we’re looking to either donate it to a museum, or look for a buyer for whom it would mean as much as it did to my Dad. I’ve got no idea what something such as this would be worth. He had a bunch of type, cases and so forth as well.

michael38, Paul is quite right these press’ take special
care. Do really do it safely for you and the press it should been dissassembled. best james

Do you still have this monster press? Calvinc