Book paper recommendations

Help! I need recommendations for a good book paper. No Lettra or Somerset Book. Both nice papers, but if I counterfeited $1 bills on those, I’d lose money. I go to my local paper warehouse and they ask “for Inkjet or laser?” Beyond that, they’re lost.

Grab your copy of The Lost Symbol (I know you all have one) and look at the sort of paper it’s printed on. That’s what I’m looking for. Can anyone recommend a paper I could print a book on and not have it cost me more than if I bought the book already printed?

Thanks in advance, because I know you folks will pull through for me. You always do.

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Many trade fiction books use a high bulk lightweight paper, but many of those grades are only available in roll stock for web or sheeter applications.

One of the major suppliers of these papers is Glatfelter, and it would be worth a call (or email) to them to see if there is a distributor near you who carries their stock. See contact information at You would be looking for an antique or eggshell finish, and even though designated an offset sheet, it will work well for letterpress.

Both Monadnock and Mohawk have paper which would be well suited to book work as well. You best bet is to visit your local merchant and take a look at the sample swatch books until you find one with the characteristics you feel you need.