Kluge Part needed

Hi All,
Still working on my Kluge and found a broken part on the vacuum shutoff for the paper delivery. I don’t know what this part is called, but it the valve body, which holds the ball and spring to control the delivery sucker vacuum. It seems it is a cage sort of device sitting on a flange, which screws into the piping system ( White Metal ). Does anyone know where this may be found, or does anyone have an extra. Please advise, I took a picture and can send if needed.

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Dear Package Products:

If you can’t find a parts machine nearby, and become desparate, you could contact Brandtjen & Kluge—-their parts guy is Bill Lobert, who is available via e-mail at: [email protected].


Dave Lasko
[email protected]

Thanks to Dave ! He gave me some god info. I dropped him a note off line.

Hi Paleo Press,
Are you still looking for a Kluge Chase ?? Contact [email protected]. He may have an extra one. I recently purchased a 12 X18 Kluge from him and he seems to have lots of Kluge stuff. Let me know how you make out

send me a pic of the part you ned. i know the assembly well, but need to know the correct part.

We’ve recently stripped a 12x18 feeder for the parts. Please show us a picture or give us part no. and we’ll be glad to help you!