Help ID old type, please

I have an old font marked with the BB&S pin mark that I can’t identify. It is very similar to Typo Script, Plate Script, and Commercial Script, but with subtle differences. The N, R, and Z, are magnified to show the little differences appearing in this type face. The lower case letters are nearly exact to Typo Script.
Thank you for any suggestions.

image: DSCN1358.JPG


image: DSCN1352.JPG


image: DSCN1353.JPG


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My BB&S catalog show three different faces in the Plate Script series, Nos. 1, 2 & 3, which would be the closest in style. The catalog does not show complete alphabets though, no “Z” shown at all. McGrew says the caps are the same in all three, only the lower case varies by contrast and width. It’s hard to compare the differences from your type without a proof including the lower case.