Pinhole perf

I am working on printing some tear-off coupons, and would like to find someone with a pinhole perfer in Virginia. Maybe an old Rosback—something that perfs with the big postage stamp type holes. Any suggestions?

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Doesn’t look like anyone ever answered this. Did you get this resolved? In addition to a Rosback type perforator you can get some perforating rule and run the job through the press. Best to remove the rollers and use a die cutting jacket.

No solution yet. Hopefully I will stumble upon an old Rosback one day. I try to keep my eye out for antique equipment. I haven’t seen perfing rule that does the large circles like a stamp. Where would you get yours?


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Jimmy Huffman at the Garfield Messenger/Major Press in Garfield, NJ is selling his building and is looking to find a home for one of these old pinhole perfers. I perf on my Windmill, and don’t really have room for it in my shop, but unless you decide to get some microperf rule and do it on press, you may want to contact him. I’ll be heading up his way with a truck some time soon and could bring it back to my shop and crate it up for shipping to you.

You can Call Jimmy at 973-473-1927.

- Alan