Platemaker Mold

I have mold forming in the basin of the washout unit. Is there something I can rinse through it, or is it just a matter of scrubbing it down?

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Hello Scott,
We have had this happen in the washout unit of our Anderson Vreeland Orbital VIII at The Cooper Union. I added a half a cup of bleach, gave the whole thing a good scrub, and rinsed it out and refilled with clean water. That should keep it from getting funky for a while. When it recurrs just do it again.

The water should be changed frequently.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY


This will occur if you do not drain the bath after daily use. Little critters love to munch on photopolymer waste.

Spray on shower products like Tilex or similar work great for cleaning the steel basis..

The real problem is not that you have stuff growing in the basin, it’s that your brushes are also being degraded when you neglect to clean the machine on a daily basis, and they are an expensive replacement.

It is recommended that you put a cup of vinegar in the bath each time you fill it. This to prevent mineral deposits from developing as well as providing a proper pH balance for washing out the plates. Personally, I would avoid bleach. If you really have a problem run a solution of muriatic acid through it but never ever use any cleaning product on the brushes themselves. Following this practice my first set lasted thirteen years!


Thank you both for the advice.