C&P12x18 throw off handle not budging

Hello everyone - I have a 12x18 c&p new style press that I will be die cutting with. The press was in storage for quite some time. The throw off saddle was unattached when I pulled it out of storage which I reattached. The machine seems to run well thru its cycle cycle with no hesitation. After doing some investigation and seeing videos on the web of similar c&p’s I noticed that this throw off handle should move freely, mine is stuck in the impression or cutting position? I cannot move it towards the back of the press to take it off impression.
Is there a certain position of the cycle that the throw off saddle needs to connected at? It seems to be out of time,but not sure. Do the linkages related to the throw off lever in the back of the machine need to be tightened very well? Any help would be appreciated.

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sounds like some good pen oil is needed. this lever should be able to cycle at any point. some pics would help. but it should move freely as you say.

We just finished assembling a C&P New Style 10x15, for which this also seems to be a problem.

Can you detach anything to spot check the different parts of the system? For instance, if we disconnect the “back connection to throw-off” (part 72) from either the “throw-off saddle” (part 70) or the “slotted piece for throw-off” (part 73) the throw-off lever will rotate and turn everything— so our issue is with the system turning the “back shaft” (part 69).

Our press turns over easily through the entire cycle, but I am wondering if the back shaft is just not as free to rotate as it really needs to be.

Has anyone had and solved a similar problem?

Additionally… here is a similar post from a couple of years back:


No specific solution was determined outside of it just starting to work one day while turning the press over by hand.