Print shop and printer ID

Stretching the topic a bit - Can anyone ID the printers and or print shop where this film clip was made:

image: printer1.png


image: printer2.png


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Wow! Looking at the hairdo and fashion statement in the first photo (Elvis was definitely in the house!), I’d guess that was shot in the mid-1980’s?????? Even printer #2 has a pretty wide collar on that shirt.

This is a Sesame St. video. According to my sources (which is indefinitely myself since I was there during my boom operator days) these individuals were actually Bert and Ernie in human form.
I remember their shop well. A very musty little place on the corner of 52nd and Sesame St. filled with all kinds of machinery.
After being offered to partake in a show to teach children about basic addition and spelling they sold all their equipment and separated permanently from the printing world.

The press to me looks like a C&P with a Kluge feeder or a Kluge press. I feel the only thing for me that would differentiate the two would be colour (I’ve seen a few black Kluges but mostly a distinctive green) and a solid red flywheel as opposed to the spoked C&P. I didn’t see the flywheel in that video though. Certainly an older feeding model either way. Anyone else care to chime in and narrow it down?