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Normal from the creativity stores works...11 Jan
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Nope, there is nothing you can do to...3 Nov
Always make sure to burnish the...16 Sep
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Phasetwo, Yes, cutting simply...17 Aug
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Just bend the paper before you print it...17 Aug
Leonard, Bill isn't my uncle, but let...11 Aug
Don Black is about 2500km from Manitoba...10 Aug
Where in Manitoba are you, Leonard? I'm...10 Aug
And why use oiled tympan if you're...9 Aug
Pandm, I wasn't asking what ITC was, I...31 Jul
Also: ITC Garamond?30 Jul
Lay pins can fall inside the base area...30 Jul
I would recommend you read any of a...30 Jul
What kind of negative are you using and...30 Jul
It was a two colour job, one of the...8 Jul
The Excelsior Press already...7 Jul
Touché7 Jul
Aren't you supposed to get around that...7 Jul
Yes, there are pins that you can use...7 Jul
Tissue will quickly compress and give...7 Jul
Depends what you mean 'work.' Like any...7 Jul
Be careful foil stamping on plike. It...7 Jul
I think he's saying there's a...7 Jul
It doesn't really matter how high up...4 Jul
This is a VERY dicey process and you...4 Jul
Good luck!22 Jun
Must be a problem with your calipers...1 Jan
How does it work? Why should I throw...17 Nov
The first digit signifies the weight...15 Nov
Overexposure of plates will lead to...11 Nov
Once the nut is loosened they should...7 Nov
Ernest Green and Son distributes Van...4 Nov