Polymer adhesive issues.

I’m currently printing with a brand new Boxcar base and have been using plates from Elum here in san diego. After printing the job, when I try to remove the plates, the adhesive seems to stick better to the base than to the polymer.
Any recommendations on how to either reduce the tack on the plate or have it release more evenly?
Much appreciated

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Are you using the adhesive from BoxCar which is compatible with the base?

it’s the adhesive that Elum puts on all of their plates. I’ve heard it is the same stuff, but maybe not.

Before you mount your plate you could try patting the adhesive side on your shirt or jeans to pick up some lint and give it less tact. Or before you remove the plate you could drizzle some type wash around the plate to help it release.

My understanding is that both Boxcar and Elum buy from the same US distributor. It is a Biesse film (Italy). There was a switch in film maybe a year and a half ago. From a light blue backing to a darker blue backing. The darker blue has far less problems with air bubbles during application.

I have heard of this release problem with both versions of the tape but it is so isolated I don’t know what a valid explanation for this might be.


Get used to it I’ve been printing with this system for years and sometimes you get lucky and sometimes its a mess!! I find pushing the edge of an exacto blade under the plate and adhesive at the corner can help then slowly lift it and pull in the direction of the adhesive lines. Sometimes I dream of the magnetic system!!

When I used to run envelope presses we used an adhesive backed rubber blanket to stop the backing adhearing to the steel cylinders we used to gum up surface of the plates and cyliders with gum arabic just as if they were ofset plates,at the end of the run they just peeled of and a damp cloth wiped of the gum

Warm it a little with a hair dryer set low heat ???


I assume you bought into “this system” because it was economical, right? You get what you pay for!


It has it’s pro’s and con’s like anything in life. I would probably complain about metal backed plates also lol!!


Maybe not!!! (I work with both). :–)


I noticed this problem only fairly recently too on pp plates from BoxCar (get all of my plates from these wonderful folks) - for the previous year or so had never had an issue. Was gonna call them to report issue (wondering if they had changed materials). Like the hair dryer idea … and my wife will love that - yet another piece of equipment disappearing to the garage :-). As mentioned, I’ve found that a very careful/slow first corner pull will minimize issues.

Always make sure to burnish the adhesive onto the plate while the protective backing is still affixed, before peeling it off and putting the plate on the base, especially in the corners.

I find it really helps to put the plate on the base and before you pull an impression or even lock the chase in the bed of the press, remove the plate and then put it on again.

Different batches of the same double-sided adhesive always seem different. One roll our shop got I SWEAR was backwards and the stronger side of the adhesive was always in contact with the base and the weaker side with the plate. Every time we removed a plate we had to throw away the adhesive. We thought there was something wrong with our base or something, and then as soon as we started in on a new roll of adhesive the problem went away.


Good advice.


I do know that if its warmer the adhesive frees a little easier , before the intro of nylos we used rubber stereos they were a royal pain to move if you had to reposition them and the adhesive came in rolls of varying tack , nylos at least dont distort on removal.
I suggested hair dryer as the lesser of the evils and because few of the people here have a crucible to rest a block on the edge .
Because we mounted nylos on cornerstone mount we used to leave them mounted if future use was intended .
I think the adhesive we used to use was marketed as Tessamol (maybe one s ) .
Among our kit we used large magnetic bases for bigger jobs using steel back nylos .