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Be careful, I can see that your guide...24 May
Do you have an iphone? If not use...9 Mar
I bent the frisket holder, t2001 i...7 Dec
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Mine was up on 2 2x4's spanning the...24 May
Thats an interesting setup....28 Mar
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@inky, there are plenty of advantages...16 Jan
What happens when you rotate the form...13 Jan
My guess is you bought this press...22 Dec
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it does not have that piece! I was just...1 Oct
Take all your packing off, advance the...5 Sep
Is there a reason why you want to keep...22 Aug
6 Aug
Use dial calipers, check the rollers...6 Aug
I haven't done it myself but I've seen...4 Aug
Is it the delivery side of the platen...10 Jun
What you have there, is a typewriter....5 Jun
You are ranting about technology...28 May
Built in 1958 you're looking at a...28 May
I think those are dried ink chips which...27 May
About how much oil did you put into the...14 Apr
My press never had one on it and I've...8 Apr
That is a little fast. By timing that...24 Mar
It's likely the bearings which hold the...22 Feb
I bet you didn't change the screw on...12 Feb
#11 & 15, while they are beautifully...20 Jan
Just having fun. Good luck with the...18 Jan
Well, were you given it for free or did...17 Jan
check...5 Jan
(sorry double post so here's more...18 Dec
I'd also bet that your rollers trucks...18 Dec
I'd bet it has nothing to do with the...13 Nov
I second the shim way of doing it. Some...6 Nov
Sounds like your impression bearings...20 Oct
Print first. You'd be even more off...17 Oct