Heidelberg Foil puller

I have the original heidelberg foil puller and I believe I am missing a part. No matter what the dial (1-10) is set to it always pulls the maximum, and also begins to pull before the impression is completely finished.

The round thing with the spring on it is what engages to rotate the shaft and pulls the foil. I believe whatever I’m missing adjusts when this piece engages the inner piece therefore adjusting how much pull there is.

Does anybody have an operational unit like this that can offer any help? Thanks so much.

I saw the other recent discussion about the puller and that is not the information I need.

image: IMG_4638.JPG


image: IMG_4639.JPG


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Everything seems to be in order as far as the mechanism is concerned.

Start by making sure that the little cam with the spring on it in the top photo has the little roller bearing that sticks out of it on the right side. This sits on the cam of piece T560.062 and controls the length of the pull.

If that looks good make sure you have some resistance on the brake for the pulling roller. Part RZ 0837 and T 560.097, it looks like a big spring clamp and goes around the left hand side of the main pulling roller shaft. It has a little allen screw that allows you to tighten it and increase the resistance. It should be snug enough to prevent the roller from free spinning yet easy to move by hand. If the clamp is loose it can lead to over pulling and under pulling as well as really inconsistent pulls.

it does not have that piece! I was just noticing the wear on the part it should run on. Do you know that part number or have a photo of what it looks like?
Maybe I can have it fabricated.

You can see the little roller bearing right below and to the right of the red arrow. You should be able to remove the cam, drill and tap it for an allen head to act as an axle for a small ball bearing.

I don’t see a part number listed in the manual but I’d have to imagine it would be nearly impossible to find a replacement.

*the image uploader decided to rotate my image but you should get the idea.

image: IMG_0318.JPG