Windmill diecutting, paper scraps

Is there any way to avoid getting all the little paper scraps from diecutting inside the Windmill’s inner reaches? When I first got the press, I spent quite a long time fishing out gobs of grease-laden little paper circles, the size of 3-ring binder holes, from deep inside. I’d like to avoid filling it back up again; are there any tricks to avoid, or at least lessen the fallout?

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In our shop we take a piece of plastic sheeting, like the kind you might use as a drop cloth. Cut it to fit across the bottom under the platen, make it long enough to extend a little bit wider than the area, and tape it in. The scraps will fall but this can keep most of them from going down inside the machine, which can make for a big mess.You can then sweep them out with a vacuum cleaner attachment.

Is there a reason why you want to keep scraps out of there besides for the sake of cleanliness?

My presses have tons of hole punch scraps, Its never affected anything.

kellypress, Thanks, this sounds like a good suggestion.

danielheff, Yes, perhaps it is just my tidy nature that doesn’t want a huge pile of paper build up inside the press.

So you’re talking about the punch chaff?
Yes, Kellypress’ suggestion is good.
For keeping larger pieces in the matrix after die-cutting, of course, you want to slightly ping the die itself.
Some cutting rule is now available with micro-perferation which does the same thing, keeps the cut piece from flying out of the matrix (press-sheet) as the gripper pulls it around.

Waste should stay on sheet till stripped out off press. Use pressure adjustment and nicks/tags to keep the press clean.
If the well is full of scraps it is a sign of poor pressmanship and a lower value press.
Also if a bit of scrap gets on a guide register can be off.
Chad, dust and grease can harden in the gears and create immediate pressure problems and later serious damage.

Unless you are using clean-out cutting dies. the kind that are designed to strip the piece out the waste.Such as hole punches, badge slots and the like.

Side eject and self cleaning punches are not a good idea on Heidelberg platens. But it’s up to the press owner to decide as the press is” just a tool carrier”

I am new to die cutting. I do think my Windmill was used hard for die cutting in the past. But it has printed very well during the 6 months or so I’ve been using it. For the first simple die cut job I’m planning, I just want to round off the 4 corners of the sheet. I do need the sheet edges to be smooth; would a ping/nick/tag/slot/micro-perforation on the die leave slight rough spots?