Heidelberg lay bar bent

I did something stupid and looks like my lay bar is bent. How does one remove the thing to look at it and, hopefully, hammer it back into shape?

Any idea what it’s made of? Is it cast iron or steel?

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Cast iron doesn’t bend, at least not cold, so I’d say steel. It should come off once you remove the adjustment screws (and bolts). I’m curious what you were doing when it bent?

I put the frisket finger on backwards and it got caught up in the bar…

I haven’t done it myself but I’ve seen a press mechanic just bend it using a pry bar while its on the press. Put some wood on the side you’re pushing it towards so you don’t over stress the mechanism that controls the bar.
good luck

As I recall, the adjustment screws are captive via tiny taper-pins. The lay bar arms might be removed via set-screws and the bar comes with the arms. I’d try in situ first, then remove the arms if needed.

It’s bent upwards, so I probably need to take a mallet to it. Not sure easily that will be to do while still attached, but I’ll give it a go. I assume that as long as I compensate for the bend, I can still register multiple colors. I’d rather have it bent than break it…

Another method of bending with incremental force is by using c-clamps and a crossbar. I’d put the crossbar of greater strength under the laybar adjusting holders and tighten a clamp on the high spot.

I’ll wager Mick has some fine tips on this type of operation.

I replaced my lay guide bar recently - there are (2) #10 nuts that it on - I have a parts manual for the windmill that allowed me to locate the nuts and remove.