Heidelberg - rollers or runners problem?

I’m getting light inking on every 3rd print with my Heidelberg.
Good - good - light - good - good - light

I know there is something eccentric with either the rollers or runners because if I stop the press on top of the form and spin the roller by hand I’ll only smear on half of the roller.

I can’t see any irregularity in the rollers even when I put it on a totally flat surface and roll it. And the runners measurement is less than a .001” variation when I spin it in my dial calipers.

I bought the runners on ebay, poor choice? The rollers are Syntac. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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I’d also try rolling the runners on a flat surface while on the rollers, to see if the runner centers or cores are eccentric.

I’d check that the rails & adjusting cams are snug and that the arms are retracting sufficiently.

Syntac rollers have seemed pretty good to me.