Ink left to dry on ink plate/rollers

I was given a C+P pilot last week for free. When I purchased it, the previous owner had left red ink on the ink plate and rollers and has obviously dried. Amazingly, as I do not know how long it had been left on, it came right off the rollers. But it won’t budge off the ink plate. I am using mineral spirits.

2 questions-

1- will the rollers still function properly, they look good as new, but I’m aware that may not be the case.
2- any ideas or tips on what to use to clean the ink plate?

Thanks all!

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glaze remover should take the ink right off. I use van son rapid one step glaze remover.

Cover, protect, or remove the rollers, then use a gel paint stripper on the ink disc, it will dissolve the ink in a few minutes, clean the ink disc thoroughly removing all of the stripper, wipe the disc with mineral spirits then clean the rollers with Putz Pomade and you should be good to go…….

Well, were you given it for free or did you purchase it?

danielheff, Clearly, it was purchased for free.

Thank you for your responses. They were most helpful.

DanielHeff- it was free. Simple error. I just meant when I picked it up from the seller…or should I say giver.

Just having fun. Good luck with the ink! I had to get dried old red ink off my heidelberg ink drum, some light abrasives sped the process up a bit. But be very careful with it, you don’t want to leave scratches on it.
I see lots of older presses have red ink on them, I think it’s because they were used for numbering.

a strong solution of a speedy acrylic floor polish stripper is less harmful………..

Acetone should do the trick. Ventilate well, of course!

Once I had layers upon layers of dried ink on my disc. I used EasyOff (oven cleaner). I took the ink disc off and did this outside. I sprayed a heavy coating and left it for an hour and with gloved hands wiped it off with paper towels. Just be sure to work on a surface that is covered with something (I draped the driveway with heavy black plastic bags)