Smudged ink

Hi there,

I have a Heidelberg windmill 10x15, and am having problems with a job I am currently printing.
Some of the letters are ‘smudged’/ blurred. This doesn’t happen on every card, and is not always in the same spot.

I have tried adjusting the packing, have cleaned the ink off and re-inked, checked the plate for damages. Could it be the rubber rollers?

I am using a polymer plate for this printing and a boxcar base, rubber based inks.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! thank you


image: IMG_9119 (2).JPG

IMG_9119 (2).JPG

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As a suggestion, you may want to check and adjust the roller tracks for the proper setting.

Having the rollers slightly too high above the plate may be the cause of your inking problem.


Be careful, I can see that your guide pin is hitting and dinging your sheet. You can easily put a dent in the boxcar base.

It looks like an inking problem, could be time for new rollers, but also check that the roller trucks are true. If they’re wobbly you’ll get inconsistent inking.

But also if your paper isn’t flat, the sheet can brush up against the inked plate before or after the impression and cause the ink to transfer lightly in the wrong spot.

Thank you for your help. I am going to check the rollers out.

How big is the stock? If possible add a 6 pt rule to form to only print on tympan. It will make the rollers turn consistently. Bob