software to manage a letterpress studio/shop

Hi all,

I want to make a software dedicated to manage letterpress studio or shop, and i hope you can help me building it by proposing your problems in managing your studio or your shop.

I’m sure there is sometimes where you can’t organise your tickets or you miss an event, having problems with making invoices or even controlling your inventory such as ink or paper, so if there any other problems please posted in a comment below .

waiting for your responses .

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Definitely interested in this as well. The big software products like PrintSmith aren’t suited well for letterpress quotes & job tickets.

Anybody have a system they like?

I’m on Mac and would be interested in a better job/contact management system than what I use currently. Ideally it would be at least similar in function to PrintSmith (but with a much less ideosyncratic interface!), including paper estimating and costing, press time estimating, ticketing, and customizable pre-press, printing, & bindery options. Contact/account management would be nice as well, but less important to me.

I currently use several programs (one of them an abandoned beta which is now impossible to download). For actual invoicing I use ExpressInvoice. It isn’t specifically geared to printing, but is pretty customizable and does include contact management should I ever need it. Right now I manage with my regular address book.

As for paper and press estimating, I use a little tool I found several years ago called EsteClick. It’s quite handy and sadly was never fully developed. Even the website is now gone. I found it when OS 10.6 was current and thankfully it still runs under 10.10.

Using multiple programs is a bit kludgy but so far it’s worked. I’d be happy to have something more comprehensive, though.