Another press weight question

I have the opportunity to move into a space with a freight elevator with a capacity of 1500lbs.

I have two C&P NS 12x18s and am buying a Windmill. Is this going to be workable?

Taking off the ink disc, ink disc bracket, removing the roller arms and three arms connecting the frame to the bed is simple. Will this get the press down to 1500lbs? I have seen these listed as weighing up to 2700lbs, but fully assembled, on a pallet with a rack of furniture, it was listed when it came to me (by the freight company) at 2000lbs total.

Is it a big pain disassembling a windmill? Removing feed/delivery boards as well as flywheels? I am sure it can be done, but is it worth it?

Any advice is appreciated,


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In my experience it is easy to break down a C&P.
The windmill however is another story. They are quiet dificult with many press fits, German taper pins, etc. that require pullers, special tools, skill and exp to avoid problems and reassemb. properly.
Good luck with the move.

The net weight of a 10 x 15 Windmill is 2300 lbs without the motor according to Heidelberg’s operator manual. You cannot take off 1000 lbs to reach your limit.

I would avoid that space. We had a space with a 5000lb freight elevator, and it was still trouble. The building owners were freaked out that we were pushing the ancient elevator to the limit, and it was too small to fit the presses in easily. And when you put the machine in, the elevator would drop giving you a 1 or 2” lip that made moving a challenge.

Say you want to get a bigger press down the road. You’d have to endure the pain of moving your entire business.

In the end it became a real hassle and we moved to a ground-floor location.

Although, it was a good bit of fun!

I’ve decided against it. Thanks for the advice!

The 10 x 15 manual says Net Weight Press without Motor approx 2300 lbs, gross weight press without motor, 2850lbs.

I assume net weight means without packing? So 2300 lbs if you remove the motor. As mentioned above, I understand it’s difficult to remove and replace parts, but are there any other major parts that can be more easily removed and put back on to get the weight down? Not 1000 lbs down, but a few hundred perhaps?

Modernman, that’s how i got some spare parts for my windmills. Someone i knew stripped one down to get it out of a tight space, i never knew you could get so many parts off of a windmill, when they couldn’t get it back together i got some spare parts. Dick G.

My current space has a 2000lbs freight. I stripped off the feed and delivery table, motor and air pump from the Windmill, didn’t break the elevator.

Not sure if that answers your question Widmark, not sure if you’re trying to help me out or if you have a question yourself.

No, you answered my question, thanks!

If you have any questions, let me know. I’m sure there are other more experienced Windmill operators or BP, but for me (not having ever run the machine) it was tricky getting it apart, figuring out how things relate to each other, especially the feed mechanism. Good luck.