Craftsmen 5x8 Gripper spring help

Hi, I have completely stripped and restored a Craftsmen 5x8 and have re-assembled everything but I can’t seem to figure out how the spring that assists the gripper is fastened to the press. It seemed to be held in with crud and old ink before but I am guessing that it is held in by tension but when I put it in and crank the handle it just falls out. Does the gripper bar get tightened down to the platen? I have attached a photo of what I am talking about.


image: photo.JPG


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Contact Dave Churchman He has the part.

It doesn’t look like the correct spring. Mine measures .170” and it is coiled differently. Also where the end of the spring goes in the bar it’s crimped or distorted in such a way that it is not allowed to fall through or even be pulled through the bar.
You may be able to make it work but you need to bend the end or something so it can’t pull through.
Your spring has been replaced and Ink Spot is ‘spot on’ in his previous post.

image: Craftsman Spring 02.jpg

Craftsman Spring 02.jpg

image: Craftsman Spring 01.jpg

Craftsman Spring 01.jpg