Adjusting the Grippers on a C&P 8x12

I’m sure this subject has been addressed somewhere in these forums, but I wasn’t able to find any information on how to adjust the grippers on a C&P 8x12 NS. Mine are set too close together for something I’m trying to print so they keep hitting the base. It looks like you can just loosen the nut and bolt that holds it to the gripper arm, but mine won’t seem to budge at all. I wasn’t sure if I was doing something wrong or the grippers were adjusted in a different way. Help please!

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Once the nut is loosened they should slide along the track, might need to force them a bit but be careful not to bend or break anything.

By grippers you mean the bail bars? You may need to hold a wrench to both sides or you WD40 or some other type of light weigth oil to help unlock the nuts. Then lightly tap at the bottom of the bar to slide them were you want.

I recommend using a box wrench the correct size rather than an open-end wrench (and definitely not a adjustable wrench). Less force needed, little chance of damaging the nut in case of a slip.

remove the grippers and clean out the grooves. they are just stuck.

Colophon Press, The tympan bales secure the top sheet
to the platen. Grippers open and close with the action of the press and grip the printed sheet to the tympan / top sheet out of the image area. best james

Got confused James, thanks.

Thanks for the help everyone! I sprayed the nuts with WD40 and applied a little bit of force and they loosened right up.