making a jogger

Seems making a paper jogger would be a simple task if something that vibrated was readily available. Has anyone ever found something suitable for this? Should I head down to the “adult” toy shop or am I going to need something really powerful?

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There are a few paper jogger designs. Here’s one that I have had apart. This drawing is from memory, so there are no dimensions, and I no-longer have access to the machine. The hardest part to find will be the cog. The name “cog” may be incorrect, but it is the part that causes the vibration. Also, the cog in the drawing is exaggerated. The paper cradle might need to sit on 4 springs. There should be a speed control for the motor.

image: jogger.jpg


modernman, two hands and a flat surface.
best james

i agree with james. learn to “fluff” your stock and a flat suface will work fine. most smaller joggers don’t work that well, can’t handle much stock, and are annoyingly noisy. but if you are determined,,,, you can buy a vibrator motor. it is simply an electric motor with an off balance flywheel. they come in different sizes. this can be attached to anything and it will vibrate. (IE a clean improvised wooden box as in the drawing above) on this page look at style “A”.

Thanks for the information!

James is on the mark - unless you’re the guillotine minder at the receiving end of two SM105s spitting out 15’000 an hour each, you probably don’t need a jogger…