Score before print?

Is it okay to score cards before printing? I have a 2C/2C A2 job, and I’d like to score the cards while waiting for the plates. I’m printing on a Vandercook U1. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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It’s tricky to score before cutting, printing doesn’t really matter, but because you have to do it before you cut down the cards, you should print first

Thank you, modernman. Hmm… I’m confused. Do you cut both ends of the cards after scoring AND folding? I’ve been cutting cards to size (except for 1/2” gripper allowance on one end) before I score. Then I fold the card and trim that one end. Is there an easier way? thanks.

if its a short run i run my jobs to size sometimes i print first sometimes i score first, the score can give you a problem feeding but not always.

dickg is right. I prefer to print first. Sometimes, you can’t, as explained in this case.

Thank you, all. I will wait and print first.