24 L Univers 67

I don’t know for sure if my previous question was posted or will post as there was a problem with the server. In a nut shell is this type a standard letterpress type, what does the L stand for and the # 67? Am I right to assume that 24 is the point size? This is how the card on the printer case’s pull reads. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you,

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Univers, designed by Adrian Frutiger, was available originally in a large and small version (very slight difference) in several point sizes, widths, and weights. So if the body measures 24 points you have 24 point large Univers 67. The 67 specified a weight and width. You’d have to have a Univers specimen sheet to determine which of the myriad styles 67 is, though a specimen of Linotype Univers 67 is a bold condensed.


Here a little specimen
Gott grüß die Kunst

Thank you Bob for answering so promptly, you have been very helpful.


The first digit signifies the weight and second digit the style.

Weights come (digitally at least) from 2 to 9 (extra light to black) and the styles include regular, extended, condensed, italic etc. Univers 67 would be equivalent to a condensed bold. 5x Univers fonts are regular, 4x book, 3x light etc.

5 is regular and 7 is condensed for the second digit, I forget what the others are.

67 happens to be my preferred display font (not of Univers, of any font!)—snatch it up.

Thank you moderman, Is it Is it for standard American letterpress printing or is it European?

Where did you find it? Most European-made type is cast to a different height (higher) than American standard .918, and much of it when sold in the US had the feet milled down to make it .918 high. You’ll have to measure it with a type-high gauge to be sure, but if it has a machined-looking foot with no foot groove it’s most likely European-cast and milled for the American market.


The reason for L (large) and S (small) sizes is that it is Didot type cast on American body. So there may be two Didot sizes that will fit onto some American bodies. For example, M&H in their run of Spectrum casts 22, 30S and 30L sizes, as well as 24S and L in all eighteen faces they have of the Univers family.

Hi Bob, This is a type set that was my father’s Hamilton cabinet. He was a type setter well over 50 years ago. Myself I don’t know very much about letterpress that is why I appreciate Briar Press so much. It does have a normal foot groove. I will measure it also. You have been a great help, everyone who responded has and I always know someone here will have the answers. Thanks again!