PSI of pressure exerted by platens and flatbed presses?

Can anyone tell me just how many pounds of pressure are exerted while printing on C&P platens or Vandercook and similar flatbed proof presses?

Until I’m ready to invest in a large Boxcar or Elum aluminum base, I had a few materials that are less brittle than plexi/acrylic suggested to me, ie: UHMW, HMPE, HPPE or even PVC, all of which I am hoping would cope with the downward pressure exerted during an impression, and also would be easier/considerably cheaper to cut/machine than metal.

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Madillo…. we discussed that topic at length a few years ago, and I did a series of tests using crusher gauges. You can find it at:

As far as bases go, HDO plywood works just fine. I’ve got bases cut for all of my presses out of that material and they never give me a problem. The only thing you have to do with them is to shim them up a little with tagboard to make them type high….. and that is so easy, it doesn’t even need description.