Windmill oil tank leaks any repair for this?

My windmill leaks oil. This is the major reason why my press froze up. When the oil pump was pumped is was pumping nothing. We would pour a quart of oil in and after a day or two it would all leak out. Any ideas on how to repair a leaking oil tank? Would a automotive stop oil leak product (which basically expands the gaskets) work? Any ideas or tricks would be greatly appreciated. I’d hate to call the big “H”. Thanks

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Where exactly is the leak?. Cracked oil reservoir? Leaky fittings on oil lines? Something wrong with the pump mechanism itself? Are the oil lines clogged, leaving nowhere for the oil to go when pumped?
Unless you are certain there are gaskets that are the problem, I would’nt use that liquid repair, which is probably just a temporary fix anyway; if they are the problem, replacing them would be the answer.
I don’t know about the Windmill specifically, but I have used guitar strings to ream out clogged lines on other presses, like a plumber’s snake. Tubing isn’t that hard to deal with.

There are color dyes made to help trace oil and fluid leaks.
Put it in with the oil, run the press and spot the leak.
Depending on where the leak is at, a plumber or an auto mechanic should be able to braze or weld almost anything that could be leaking if you don’t have the equipment/skills.

Take the top off of the tank and see if there is a visibple crack in the tank. You will have to remove the oil line from the tank first. Be careful of the pump assembly. Geep the gears in mesh so you don’t have a problem in reassembly. If there is no crack, look at the plastic filler attachment at the front of the pump. Sometime it is loose. Don’t tighten the bolts too tight or the plastic will crack. If the filler is damaged, contact me or call Whittenburg, Inc. for a replacement. Their number is 1-615-212-0015