Some pin marks for you

Any idea what “A&S” could be? The last (bad) picture shows one that I can’t identify. Thought others might like to see these.

image: DSCN1789.JPG


image: DSCN1795.JPG


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I’d also like to know; here’s another A&S quad, with 22 point pinmark.

image: ASquad.jpg


The markings on top of quads are not pinmarks. I’ve never run across the A.&S. mark on any quads that I have, nor do I have a clue as to who cast them. It is rather bold and sassy and I like it a lot.

The KTF quad came from the Keystone Type Foundry. The two small Ks and the NE.. are also a mystery to me.

The ONLY pinmark is your second photo. The triangle would indicate that it is probably from MacKellar, Smiths and Jordan. Is there a sharper/clearer pinmark in that font? Usually the the least-used characters, such as a “z” have the most easily legible pinmarks.

The NE may be from the old New England type foundry. The last picture shows the only piece of type I have with that pinmark - I don’t have any other pieces.