Letterpress and art printing in Milan Italy

I am traveling to Milan, Italy later this spring and wondered if anyone has a suggestion for visiting a printing operation that does letterpress and/or art printing such as etching prints. I like to look in on what others are doing when away from home. Thanks.

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I have the same question but from a region of Bologna, Firenze, Ravenna, Modena, Rimini… Anyone knows?

Not that this is very helpful, but there is a shop that I know of in Senigallia, which is kind of near Rimini. I don’t know the name of the shop, but Senigallia is a small community so it shouldn’t be that hard to find.

There is a little old fellow who runs it. I don’t speak Italian, so I couldn’t gain access to the shop. He seemed very friendly, just had no idea what I was asking him :-)

You also may want to contact Kyle at Baltimore Print Studios. He spent some time in northern Italy last year and may have some info.

Best of luck!

You should ask mr Clough, he works in Italy as a type teacher/calligrapher and knows a lot of printers etc..
Here is his contact http://jamesclough.com/contact.html

Hope i helped you with this,

I’d visit this place: http://www.tipoteca.it/index_en.php
Not a shop, but a wonderful museum.


Tipoteca indeed, preston beat me here and don’t forget the Bodoni Museum in Parma.

A word to the wise, letterpress in Italian is called simply “tipographia” there are many small shops in almost every town/city in Italy that letterpress and will typically have a generic sign outside that simply says “tipographia.” Italians are notoriously friendly, gifted artisans and always proud of their passions, I would imagine that they would almost always welcome with open arms a curious visitor to their studios.


Hello Alfer and everybody,

maybe it’s not too late to answer your question… hope so! Now you can find our workshop in Modena: Officina Typo.
This is our FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Officina-Typo/187100814658941
And this is our equipment: 1 Dell’Orto “Albion 1863” press, 1 Fag “CP-550” 35x50 proof press, 1 Saroglia 70x100 press, 1 Boston type 15x21 press, 1 Paolini 50x70 intaglio press. All the machines are manual fed.

Any suggestions or tips for letterpress in Paris?


You might check out the Imprimerie Nationale — I don’t know to what extent they are open to the public but there is an extensive collection of French printing history materials and they still cut type by hand. There was a great exhibit from there at the Grolier Club in New York recently — it may still be there.


Not letterpress directly, but the paper museum Museo dell Carta e dell Filigrana in Fabriano is well worth visiting. It is housed in the ancient Monastery of S. Domenico. Fabriano is south-west of Ancona. http://www.museodellacarta.com/default.asp?lang=eng

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