Photopolymer Exposure Time

Has anybody used Toboyo Printight Photopolymer? The manual does not mention the exposure time.

there is a table with 21 step grayscale values instead.

What does it mean?
How can I compare a yellow photopolymer to a grayscale???

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I believe that table is your step wedge test. You use it with a plate and do a test exposure and then use your results to gauge the best result.

Good thing to do every so often as the light source sometimes drops in output near the end of its life…

You will need to purchase an exposure step wedge from your plate supplier (or any graphic arts supplier) and expose a plate through it as Vrooooom has indicated. On the envelope the step wedge comes in, there is a table which will tell you how much to increase or decrease the exposure time to get the solid step indicated on the Printight data sheet.

Thanks just found the answer on boxcar site

Torokta, I believe the plates the Boxcar sells are Jet plates. If I am correct and they are then there is a difference in the the exposure and washout times. I have used both and prefer the Printight plates myself.

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