Thick Black Paper 900 gsm & Heavy kraft board ???

Does anyone out there know where I could find thick black 900 gsm board or paper? I am on a search and don’t know where to look.

I am also in search of thick Kraft paper that has that beautiful paper bag brown to it?

Any direction would be helpful since I am new to all this.

Thank you!

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Hi, Tegan! I’m not sure what the weight is exactly but I’ve used black Stonehenge Heavyweight for making photo album pages. ‘Tis a sturdy weight paper with 2 nice deckled edges. Also I hear French Paper has a heavy kraft type paper, in the MuscleTone line I believe.

If you hear of any other suggestions, please post here :) Happy and successful research!

-Carrie V

Stonehenge heavyweight is 320gsm. For something much, much heavier try Rising Museum Board. It’s available in black with a thickness of 60pt. It’s roughly the equivalent of 1000gsm. It’s 100% cotton and takes a nice impression.

We should probably clarify that a “point” when talking about paper is 1 thousandth of an inch, not a printer’s point which is 13.8 thousandths of an inch. So 60 pt paper would be .060 inch. A sixteenth of an inch is .0625, so this is slightly under one sixteenth thick.