OS C&P Pilot Feed Board Dimensions?

Would the owner of an OS C&P Pilot please measure and post the dimensions of the Feed Board. I have the supports brackets, but not the correct size of the Feed Board.
Thank you.

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what size os C&P? I have a 10x15

It’s a PILOT.

Inkspot -

Yes. I have one. I’ll take a picture of it and measure it when I get to the shop and will post the image and dimensions for you.

But - a number of different styles show up on different Pilots. I suspect many were home made or modified over the years. I modified one by adding a swinging feed board, like the ones used on my larger C&Ps - see: http://www.excelsiorpress.org/forsale/pilot/feedboardopen.750.jpg

I have also seen photos of Pilot feed/delivery board sets like this that came from the factory with a specially-cast swivel post - similar to, but smaller than the ones on my larger C&Ps and the Old Gordon. They are less common.

- Alan

I am still seeking measurements for an OS C&P Pilot.
Posting of dimensions or e-mailing me directly would be appreciated.


The feed board I have here is 7 3/4 x 16” with a 3 3/8” side board on the front and left sides. It’s made of a 5 ply plywood and is varnished.
There is a 1 1/2” dip cut out of the front, which will show in the photos.

BUT. The feedboard shown on the cover of the Pilot manual is different. It has the swing-out feed table on the right.. I’ve put together a web page of photos of Pilot feed boards -

I’ll flesh out this page with more text and dimensions as soon as I can get back to it, but for now, I hope that this will help

BTW - I would recommend adding a swinging feed board - it’s much more convenient when you’re printing…

- Alan


Thank you.
See you in a few weeks.