Just bought my first letterpress!

I’m nervous and excited for my recent purchase! I just bought a Kelsey Excelsior Press 5x8 off eBay. I think (and hope) I got a really good deal, as the price included the machine and letters (still in the original packaging). I am completely new to using a letterpress, any advice?
I have so much to learn, but am looking forward to it. I have been working as a graphic designer and am looking forward to breaking away from my computer for some projects and being able to print some of my own work. I’m hoping I will share a similar love to printing my work as I do when developing my own black and white pictures in the darkroom. There is something beautiful about the whole process of creating something from start to finish.

My purchase was my first step- any websites, books or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated! I’m not sure where to start!

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Welcome to the world of letterpress, which is worse than drugs or alcohol, you can never get enough, always want more, your wife threatens to leave if you bring home one more thing, but you can’t help it, you want more type, bigger presses. You should check our Excelsior Press website, he has a world of information on his site. his information is in the yellow pages on this site. Being new to this you might want to find a place near you to take a lesson or two, there is lots to learn, i still have my 5x8 kelsey, not a bad press, i got my press in 1968. Excelsior Press is in New Jersey, he gives lessons, if your in new england stop by my shop and i’ll help you get started. Good Luck Dick G.