Average cost of mag plates (per square inch)

I hope this is not a taboo question to ask here at Briar Press. I’m trying to evaluate the cost of various magnesium plates (versus polymer plates).

Does anyone have a rough idea of the square inch cost of mag plate orders (across the various plate thicknesses, eg. 0.25, 11pt, 3/8, etc).

I’m computing a rough cost of over $1 per square inch for mag plates. Whereas boxcar’s polymer costs range from $0.54 to $0.69.

Does this sound correct or is my calculator broken?

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just call owosso and ask them for the prices. Good Luck Dick G.

Owosso has a price list on their website.

Also, check out copper, since it can look really nice long-term. If you are doing stuff like weddings, mounted copper plates can be put in a shadow box with the invite, and sold to the client…Often with a fairly significant margin.