printing yellow/silver on dark teal paper

I have a potential customer requesting a wedding invitation with dark teal paper to be printed 2/0. Silver metallic (PMS 877 potentially) and yellow (PMS TBD).

I’m concerned about my ability to print the yellow on the dark teal. The attached sample has a teal that is lighter than what we will most likely print on so I’m concerned about the transparency of the yellow. I’m using VanSon rubber based inks.

So, just a few questions.

Is there an additive I can use for the yellow to help minimize problems with transparency?

For the yellow areas, should I print silver first, then silver over it (again, I need to print silver anyway)? Not sure what this might look like. Or, should I print white under it?

I have a C&P 10x15 and wish I could foil stamp this! Researching hot/cold foil stamp options now. This is new territory for me.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


image: teal.jpg


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Have you considered doing the silver using powder? You print with a mixture of silver ink and a varnish, dust it with powder, leave it to dry overnight and dust the sheets.

try thermography, if you use silver raised printing powder you can print any color even black and dust it with silver powder then raise it. i’m not sure but you might be able to get different color powders. Dick G.

You can’t cold foil on a 10x15 C&P.

Your best bet is to foil stamp the job.
You cannot foil stamp on a windmill unless you have a foil unit. Also keep in mind that foil doesn’t come in PMS colors, there is a different chart for foil and most manufacturers have their own charts.
If you’d like a quote on the job just pop me an email with the art.

People want letterpress to look like a website ;-)

I don’t know whether to bother telling them that foil is the only option, or just to say, sorry, can’t be done.

Foil is great for some things, but it’s just too plastic looking for my taste.


Yeah, I make sure to tell my clients the limitation of letterpress printing right up front. Because, really, for a small printer like me, too complicated a job makes the price so high the client won’t pay it and I won’t make any money.

Print the things right, Print the right things.

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