Paper/ink suggestions?

My letterpress arrives today! I’m a newbie, and have signed up for a class the first weekend in May at The Arm in Brooklyn, NY. Looking forward to it… I was wondering though if anyone could recommend paper and ink supplies? I would like to order some so I’ll have materials to learn and practice with. I’m from Long Island and am not too sure of an art material store that would have letterpress supplies- I’m thinking I will have to order online and it would be nice to have the materials in hand after completion of my class… or does anyone know of a store in the city? …Thanks!

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be forward and visit a small local printer, thats how i got my first cans of ink and even some scrap paper, check out Excelsior Press in New Jersey, he sells supplies for letterpress printers. Good Luck Dick G.

Where on LI are you located? We are in Bohemia, NY (Dolce Press). I can give you some scrap lettra and a can of starter ink to practice with.