Linocuts and Adana

I’ve searched previous posts for linocut but not come up with much; does anyone print from linocuts on an Adana 8x5?
I haven’t got my press yet (very soon though) yet I’m curious and excited about the possibilities.
Is printing from lino viable on an Adana or would I be better off just buying a separate press for the lino and using the two in partnership when I want type and lino on the same print?

I realise that experimentation is key here but would appreciate others’ experiences and wisdom.

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Hello, you certainly can use both at the same time on the same press. You will just need to adjust the cuts to the same height. Most folks will shim under the low cut or type to make them equal, then use make ready under the tympan for any low spots. Best wishes with your new press.

One thing though, as you might have read here in earlier posts, 8 x 5 doesn’t automatically mean that you can print large linocuts or photopolymer plates on your press. Start with something smallish and take it from there. Good luck with your Adana.

like Thomas says start with smaller things, the more of an area you try to print. the more pressure is required to make it print, i try not to print anything more than half the size of my chase. Good Luck Dick G.