Moving a Heidelberg Windmill - Berkley

Can anyone help with knowledge or are physically located in Berkley, CA to put a Heidelberg Windmill on pallets or skids.


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Moving a Windmill is greatly helped by utilizing the two sets of holes that are at the base of the frame.

1. By inserting 4 foot steel shafts (solid stock not hollow pipe) of 1.5” dia. into the equal sized holes each side can be raised with a jack. Make sure the platen is closed to center up your gravity.

2. Start on one side (side 1) of the press and span a 4x4 or 4x6 across the bottom of both steel shafts, this will be your ‘lifting board’, and raise side 1 by 1-2” (if you raise the press too much on one side while up on blocks the press will start to slide down the pipes to the low end). Place blocks under both shafts on side 1, closer to the press than your ‘lifting board’ (longer shafts are better than shorter for this reason).

3. Repeat this process on the opposite side (side 2) by gradually lifting a total of 2-3”, raising side 2 a little above side 1.

4. Repeat this process of slowly raising the press with a jack, one side at a time and setting it down on progressively higher amounts of blocking.

5. Once the press is about 6” off the floor you should be able to either bolt a 4x6” pair of skids to the press base or slide a sturdy pallet under the press. If you use one pair of skids you can roll the press on pipes or add a second ‘crossed’ pair of 4x6 skids to crib up the press… this would allow a pallet jack to be rolled in for easy movement. (See enclosed photo)

Best wishes and good luck!

Photo provided by Lock and Key Press

image: 4012572297_21034d5383_b.jpg


Hicks Brothers in SF.

415 575 0933

Thank you everyone for your responses

Here is how I moved my press with utilizing the holes at the base for steel bars to help raise the press to assemble skids underneath then using a pallet jack to move it around: