color registration question

I’m planning to print some cards 2 colors, a lighter color and black — I’m going to get photopolymer plates made. I’m assuming that I should print the lighter color first, but I’m wondering if it’s okay to print the black completely over the lighter color, or if they should overlap just slightly. I guess I’m wondering if the existence of the first impression on the paper will keep the black from making a good impression. I hope this makes sense — if there’s already a thread on this I couldn’t find it… thanks in advance for any advice.
Also, if it makes a difference I’ve got a 5x8 Kelsey and boxcar base. So far I’ve only printed single color old blocks on it but am hoping to move forward!

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Well, it may depend on the design which we have not seen. Having said that, I will blunder in.

There are two schools. One says you should print just like you learned to color with crayons as a child. Print the black and then color inside the lines. That requires that the plate for the lighter color be exactly the right size to fit inside the black lines. It is difficult to register. If the first color sheets are not all in perfect register, then you can’t expect decent register with the second color.

The second school procedure is to make the black plate so it will overlap the lighter color just a scosh . Decent black ink applied at the proper coverage will print over any color.

This is tight register. Even with careful feeding, some of the first color pieces and some of the black pieces will be a tad off. You will need to inspect each piece carefully when the job is completed. Inspection of about each fifth piece as you print the second color is prudent too.

Things change. Perhaps terms also. I am an old fud and believe we should stick to the old terms if we are going to practice this ancient craft. Being a teacher, I offer the following only as instruction - not criticism.

The printer speaks of register. Registration is something you do when you sign in at a hotel.

just get some ink on your shirt and enjoy