spacers and furniture


I purchased some lead and some wood type but have no spacers and/or furniture. I’ve looked on ebay and here, and am not having much luck finding these. How does one acquire these tools?!


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Do you know anyone with a tablesaw and some hardwood?


What size press do you have, and what size(s) of type, I have a lot of odds and ends furniture that I can cut to size for you.


find your local die cutting die maker. you can prob get some waste die board from them for nere nothing. you can cut to general sizes. if you have a table saw or access to one that cuts square this make s great furniture.

jennifer,what do you mean by “spacers”?
coppers and brass’?

M & H sells lead spacing of all sizes (see
I got my wood furniture & reglets from Sal Zampino (search for him here).
I bought coppers & brasses from Sal and from NA Graphics.
I see furniture quite often on ebay, though not necessarily every day.


Try John Barrett at Letterpress Things in MA…he’s got everything.

Jen, try excelsior press in new jersey, good luck Dick G.

Letterpress Friend,

I have whhat you need in new condition. All types of spaces
for type fonts, brass and copper, new wood furniture in new sets, custom sizes, reglets in 6 and 12 pts, Just email me for more info, price list etc. I specialize for beginners.
Email at zamp112 @comcast,net


Jennifer - I recycle old furniture and mix in new where I need it. (Mostly the 10-line width) to make up small press starter kits. All of the pieces have been freshly cut down from longer lengths and treated with the same paraffin oil used by Thompson when they made their furniture. In fact some of my new furniture came from the last of Thompson’s stock.


I have leads and slugs as well, but they’re not listed on the web site yet. If you need spacing to match your type size, let us know what size type you have and we’ll set you up.

- Alan