C&P Pilot… hitting in a bad place?

So… I’ve been cleaning up my press and now that it’s relatively clean of rust and all oiled up, I have realized there are certain things I need to fix.

1. The first thing is that the rocker (?) is hitting the left feed table bracket (?) (I’m trying to learn the names of the parts… so If I am wrong, please let me know) but it’s not hitting the right feed table bracket. I don’t know what I need to change in order for that to not happen… because I assume that’s not supposed to happen.

2. The lever that is currently on came on the press… but I have the original lever that I want to put on. The problem is… I don’t quite know how to get this one off… I’m able to get the level off, but the large circle of metal doesn’t want to budge. Brute force?

image: IMGP3277.jpg


image: IMGP3269.jpg


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Hello mlkandtoast,

I can’t help with your first query I’m afraid.

In regards to your second question however, why do you want to use the original lever?

For some reason the previous owner decided to fit what you have now.
It works so why change it?
Concentrate on your prints rather than which bit of your press is original.

That said you want to put the original back on for whatever reason so let’s go with that for now.

If you have loosened off the bolt at the rear of the disk (not the 3 bolts holding the lever on) some gentle tapping should shift it. Without seeing the press I can only guess it’s an interference connection.
Try some penetrating oil, but not brute force.

Good luck

Thanks TommyS!

It’s more that I have the original lever than caring about my press being original. I figure if I have two, I might as well put the original one on. Also, the one that is currently on there, is longer, to the point where I have to pull it to below the feet in order to get the paper to meet the plate.

I’ll try the penetrating oil and see how that works. Thanks!


Milk -

That left table bracket position is determined by the fit where it bolts to the frame at the bottom. These never fit too tightly and yours may be worn. Look closely at how it bolts to the frame and see if the end has been damaged or worn. You may need to do some filing of the lower part of the bracket to make it line up properly. On the other hand, you may need to build up the end with some braze and then file it down to fit properly.

That handle is definitely custom-made - and rather crudely designed as well. The collar it mounts to - using those side bolts - can be loosened and rotated to change the angle. You may find a dimple on the shaft - or need to file the shaft flat on one side to get the old bolt to seat in the proper position to make operation easy.

The reason the new handle is longer is that the extra length gives it more leverage - something you should not really need on a Pilot.

If you were to loosen - or better yet, fully removed the square head locking bolt, (and shoot some oil into the hole) some tapping with a heavy hammer - may free it up enough to use the leverage of the long handle to rotate the collar and loosen it.

I recently moved the handle on one of these from the left to the right (for a left-handed operator) and it was quite easy to do. Still, if your collar has seized or rusted in place, it may take some leverage, oil and careful tapping to free it.

Soak it well with some penetrating oil, remove that square head bolt and see if you can free it up.

- Alan

Thanks Alan,

I was also wondering if the handle should be more vertical? Currently it’s angled when in its “resting” state…

Thanks for the help


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