Letterpress Paper Samples

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails asking to make our samples more readily available so people can try a range of different papers to find what works best. I hope this helps: http://www.letterpresspaper.com/letterpress-paper-sampler/

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would you be willing to give briarpress members a promo code for percent off or free shipping or something of that nature?

Do you take PayPal as a payment method?


Shipping is kind of steep, but it’s about the same $10 if you order a few sample sets. I don’t think that site took paypal.

I ordered a set, so I’ll post some pictures when it arrives if anyone is curious.

James Beard
Vrooooom Press

Fair enough - we’ll do a 10% discount for the first two dozen Briar Press members to order. Use discount code “IMPRESS” in the shopping cart.



I noticed shipping to Australia even for a paper sample is over $100 dollars…. any other options?

I just tried to purchased the sampler, got to the last page (credit card info), but there was no place to put the discount code. Maybe I missed it somewhere…

I got mine in the mail. It’s pretty nice; mostly good as an example of printed products, as the samples are cards from the ladies of letterpress. Covers the standard lettra line in white and natural. I’ll post some pictures after I run my errands.

The discount code can be entered in the shopping cart, instead of at checkout. (I agree - kind of confusing…)

FYI - Discount code has expired. I tried to use it today with no luck.

Sorry for the long delay, but here are some pictures for the curious. Nice set of samples to send or simply display!

image: lettra WEB1-9.jpg

lettra WEB1-9.jpg

image: lettra WEB1-8.jpg

lettra WEB1-8.jpg

image: lettra WEB1-7.jpg

lettra WEB1-7.jpg

image: lettra WEB1-5.jpg

lettra WEB1-5.jpg

image: lettra WEB1-4.jpg

lettra WEB1-4.jpg

image: lettra WEB1-3.jpg

lettra WEB1-3.jpg

Discount code is back! Use “BRIAR” through Aug 15 to get 10% discount on the whole site.

- Josh

the discount code is only 70 cents off. is there a code for free shipping?