2 Questions/rollers & type of base

I want to order new rollers…tips on what to look for? Order them from where? A friend let me borrow 2 that are VERY soft and spongy. I like the firm rollers I have other than they are red and every time I run clear ink, the red bleeds off into the clear ink.

Also, I’d like to switch from my boxcar base to a magnetic base. Which type do you like and why?


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I’d recommend Ramco Roller or Advanced Roller.



Sounds like the red rollers you have are composition. I prefer rubber rollers — the suppliers listed above will have rubber rollers at fair prices. What kind of press do you have?

If you have the temerity to work with composition rollers (gee, they have to be oiled in when stored to prevent swelling/shrinkage) and really like their ability to lay down ink, then contact Tarheel Roller.


i learned a new word today.

te·mer·i·ty   /təˈmɛrɪti/ [tuh-mer-i-tee]
reckless boldness; rashness.

thanks mikefrommontana.


If the red rollers are bleeding chances are the red is old ink, not roller material. If they’re in good shape otherwise you might try getting some Putz Pomade from a printing supplies dealer and running the press for a while with the Putz on the rollers and disc. It’s a roller rejuvenator used to remove ink glaze on offset rollers but it should work on those. However, offset rollers are rubber — I don’t know how Putz would work on composition rollers.



In regard to magnetic bases, I’ve used Bunting Magnetic Cerface bases for over fifteen years:


Why? Completely trouble free, no issues whatsoever.