sewing paper

We are just beginning to research equipment and techniques for sewing paper.

What equipment do you recommend for this and do you have any suggestions for how to approach this?

Would like to do something like the attached image (and other patterns). Can a standard sewing machine handle heavier paper weights?



image: sew.jpg


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You can use any sewing machine to sew paper. It doesn’t have to be fancy. The main thing to remember is to make sure that your stitches are far enough away from each other.. Otherwise you will perforate the paper…

Had a project like this once. Thought we could just do it on our cheap Brother, but that thing died in about 5 minutes. Plastic gears, I guess.

I brought the prints to my neighbors, who run a clothing factory. They had commercial sewing machines with the backstitch lever. It was no problem for them, and they had to do the backstitch to make it look clean.