Potdevin Question

I just bought a Potdevin gluer and am now trying to figure out which glue would be best. I will mostly be laminating 118# cotton stock to itself and also to some lighter weight paper (French’s Poptone line ~80-100#).

Oh, also I am looking for a cold glue as I do not have a heating unit.

Thanks in advance!

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Potdevin Has their own adhesives and might be a good source for them to begin with as they will be adjusted to the proper viscosity for the machine you have. Otherwise, almost any PVA at the correct viscosity would work. Which model do you have?

Thanks for your reply, jhenry.

I have a type 2R - 15”. We contacted Potdevin and also a gluefast rep and the gluefast guy said that potdevin glues might cause paper warpage in larger size sheets of paper and to buy their brand. The potdevin guy just directed us towards their basic glue (P-200). I don’t particularly want to fork out $30-40 per glue just for test purposes, so I thought maybe someone here might have some advice.

I just wanted to bump this in case anyone had any new info.