Laser Engraver Recommendations

I’m looking to purchase a laser engraver for making wood blocks instead of using “The Great Satan” (photopolymer)*. Any suggestions on make and model? How about type of wood to use? Thanks friends.

*see winking cat’s press post about “The Devil and Polymer”

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Hello jTucker….. it’s good to see my evangelical efforts have made some headway! ;) Once you’ve made and used a few laser-cut blocks, you’ll never want to wait for store-bought PP plates again.

I use an Epilog 40 watt tabletop machine….. and it works like a charm. The one thing I recommend is to add additional venting to your machine that vents outdoors. A squirrel-cage blower is perfect.

The wood I use for my work is plank-grain cherry, well seasoned and then planed to type high. It’s the same wood that I’ve used for hand-carved blocks for years and years.

Type-high maple also works very well, and is available from several vendors online. Actually, I’d guess that any tight-grained hardwood would be suitable. I just like cherry because it’s what I’ve used for years…… and it smells good whilst being lasered!

thanks, winking cat. Can’t wait to start lasering.