Info on Showcard presses?

Where can I find some good info on various model Showcard presses?

I’d like to know the details on various models and see what is/was available.

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For whatever reason I’m finding very little good info on Showcard presses on the web.

Ok, I had a thought. Dick Blick is still in business and they used to sell signpresses so maybe a call could result in some information from their archives. However, I don’t know if they sold Showcard brand signpresses as well. If they had any information it would probably be only on the Dick Blick presses.

I have some original Showcard catalogs. If you can give me an idea of the size or model you are interested in I could scan those pages for you or e-mail you the details.

Well, in particular I’m interested in one that has a “usable image area” of roughly 14” x 45”. The entire unit is probably about 6’ long, has an ink tablet, roller assembly (for inking), and paper grippers.

Any ideas?

That model is called the “Long-Master”. It prints up to 15” X 45” and has the inking system. And yes, it is 6 feet long overall. Shipping weight was 665 lbs. and in 1984 the list price was $5295.00. It originally came with the machine stand which has the foot pedal for actuating the gripper assembly.

The catalog description says that this model “answers a long felt need for making those really long window streamers, pennants and banners”.

It’s my opinion that this is a fairly rare model.

I may have one available to me soon. But damn, 665lbs! Wow.

Does your catalog have info on the Model DFS, 29” x 45”? I’ve always wondered just how much mine weighs.

Showcard Model “DFS” (Double Full Sheet) shipping weight: 755 lbs.

I just picked up a “Model B-Special” Showcard press. I’d love any info available for that one. Thanks!

Still haven’t found anything about my model. Frustrating.


ALMOST Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask about the MODEL “B”-SPECIAL Showcard Press: 43” x 19” x 8 1/4” - Shipping wt. 300 lbs. (with standard Efficiency Unit: type, ink, rack, etc.). Prints up to 15 x 23, Price $1110.00 in th 60’s. Description Quote from catalog… “Same capacity, and the same size, as the model “B,” but fitted with a new carriage assembly that makes operation even simpler and more foolproof. The carriage has a toggle arrangement which automaticlly lifts the impression cylinder when backed across the work, to eliminate danger of blurring or smearing. The carriage also has instant adjustment for varying hicknesses of stock: turning a small calibrated hand wheel changes the setting of the impression cylinder for just the right printing pressure. The massive construction of the carriage and the liberal use of oversize bearings are proof against any conceivable amount of wear.” “SIGNMASTER” designation indicates the addition of an inking system (two rollers) and an ink disk similar to that on a platen press.
Model “B” SPECIAL “SIGNMASTER” $1615.00

P.S.: I own a Model “B” Special…very nice for use as a proof press. Fits nice on a full size type cabinet, although a bit too high!