Model No. 2 vs Adana 8x5

Hello all, I have the option of picking up a Model No. 2 and was just wondering how it compares / performs to an Adana 8x5 (which are available for over £100 cheaper).

Does anybody here have much experience with the No 2? I understand it is a heavier machine, so I presume can successfully print a larger area than the Adana (even though the chase is the same size).


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If I am not mistaken you are refering to one of the model presses by J.W. Daughaday [model 2].. If so it is my press of choise. You cant beat its old school style, it is a heavy weight and wont jump around like a fish out of water when you use it. They print nice opperate smoothly with one hand. Parts are hard to come by but most can be made or repaired. Printing a bigger area, I can print with my chase full that may be more of a skill, patience and quality of type you are using it is hard to do with any press. If you are new the Adana maybe the way to go there is a lot of them out there. I still vote for Daughaday.

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