picked up some type this weekend.

actually picked up about 50 cases of type and cuts this weekend. 2 stacks or 25 drawers fit nicely in the back of the wife’s truck along with a milk crate filled with pied type quoins and lead slugs and another crate filled with ink and various other small things.

good thing the truck has air ride suspension or we would have been doing a wheelie the whole ride home. :)

I picked up a font in sizes from 8pt - 36pt (or maybe 48) which the printer said was pretty rare from what he knew.

Pencraft Old style - designd by Sidney Clyde Gaunt in 1914

Personally it think it’s a nice looking typeface but nothing I would go crazy over. However, he made a point to let me know it was one of the fonts he felt was special.

Any thoughts on this font?

Also I ended up finding about 10 galleys of brand new unused type in the basement all various sizes and typefaces which I’ll pull proofs of or takes photos soon and post in the Typeface Indentification section. Easily 20-30 sets. caps, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, etc. Most of it is 24pt or lower.

I can’t imagine someone setting and printing with 6pt type. You’d definately need some of those jewlers magnifing glasses.

Can’t wait to go back to the shop and pick up the rest of the stuff.


image: type high low rider.

type high low rider.

image: Pencraft Old Style

Pencraft Old Style

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I think that’s a great typeface! I’ll take it off your hands! ;o)

Really though, if you like it you’ll find something that it’ll be perfect for. Hopefully.

If not, I do have few empty cases that need occupants.

oh hey… by the way.. no hand miterer there. I remembered to ask.

I was hoping he’d have one and a hand corner rounder but no luck.

I’m sure I’m going to have a bunch of type up for trade once I get it all in and set up.

Darn. Thanks though for checking.

It looks like you are going to be busy for a long time.
What fun! You might have some real treasures there.

the problem is.. i won’t know them if i see them.

once i figure out everything I have I’ll post a list of my collection and ask the experts here to rate my collection. haha.

hey, why not. maybe i’ll learn something in the process.

I’m not sure what the logic was in adding ‘oldstyle’ to the name on your type, but I have an entry on our Lead Graffiti blog about a case of ‘Pencraft’ from MacKellar Smiths Jordan that we have. It is quite interesting in that the 36 point is a mortised typeface.


Awesome Keith and you thought I was getting it all!

haha.. all the WOOD stuff. you’re like a letterpress lumberjack in these parts.

Both faces are named Pencraft, but yours is Pencraft Oldstyle (perhaps to differentiate from the earlier Pencraft).

Pencraft Oldstyle was BB&S’s repsonse to ATF’s Artcraft series. I’m not near my reference materials at the moment.


I like the mortised lead caps on the pencraft typeface.

Looks like I might have a complete set of Pencraft oldstyle in all available sizes. I ‘might’ not have grabbed 6pt, I have to look.

I definately want to fill out some of my sans serif sets in larger sizes. Right now it looks like most of those cases have just enough to hand set headers but not much more than that.

Might have to do some font tradin’ once I get it all set up and inventoried.